03 "how ya been"

track 03 for project 100

Miami 1983, that's the aesthetic
I've been thinking about you every night, trying to be poetic
you were cool, I was pathetic, I thought it was synergetic
it was in my fantasies, in a future I invented
guess you know where this is heading
so this is the setting
neon lights are low I guess I'm directing
I saw your name in my contact list
and it got me reflecting
I wonder if you're numbers the same
maybe just a bit of texting
this summer's been crazy but
maybe I'm projecting
the issue with us was
just always timing
what were you gonna say, yeah
it just said you were typing
ok, ok, yeah
have you thought me when you're crying?
think about you all the time especially when I'm writing
how ya been? what do ya like? do you like all of the rhyming?
I know it still bites, but you know I'm really trying
bought a house in silver lake, nah nah man I'm playing
things are good but not perfect is I guess what I'm saying
when I'm all alone I'm thinking about concepts and spaceships
my body's on earth but my mind's in outerspace
messaged you to see if you can make me care about this planet
maybe we can vanish, a new planet to inhabit
seems like you're still busy caught up with your own shit
so I eject on iMessage and hit the switch that exits

02 "executive producer"

track 02 for project 100

yeah yeah
maybe this better

my vision's coming back
how long have I been in this diner?
bagels and shit
place is run by an old timer
I'm on the edge, avoided jail
almost a designer
barely a writer
got a film script that's fire
I settled up and started walking to the door
20% tip, I'm such a liar, ya know?
walking these streets is a new kind of blow
highs and lows, like writing movies when you broke
rap is like a movie but the scenes bounce off the drums
and this character is desperate
so let's see who he becomes
I check my phone again
got a few messages from my friends
asking where you at?
and when will you be home again?
these days all I think about is the projects I wanna do
my only way out and how I justify living too
no house in silver lake or anywhere in Los Angeles
just need money for a movie
will you be my evangelist?
guess it's all really happening
opening scene, we see a man struggle with balancing
your visions can be delusions
can you see it unraveling?
think this character in question is about to start gambling
I took a left instead
now I'm in this convenience store
pulled my hoodie went to the back
survey the score
no g19 in my pocket is this really all called for?
rush the cashier tell him to open the fucking cash drawer
I said
I'm feeling experimental and life has been kind of mental
be careful, move slow
or something might happen to your temple
this old cashier, bagged all the cash in fear
I said I'll never reappear
you're the exec producer
I'll pay you back in a year

I'll pay you back in a year..

01 "zombies"

track 01 for project 100

woke up in the morning
everybody was a zombie
the more I meditate
the more my friends say they don't know me
I tried to be like you
but I found it was just too boring
I like my vision better man
it's so much more absorbing


protect your neck
gotta play the game
if you want the check
zombies all around
can't be hesistant
eat your body
no evidence
take your thoughts, ideas
and intelligence
no money no cars
no residence
got a samurai sword
but they closing in
musashi wouldn't know
what to do with them
book of five rings
I'm trippin man
slippin back
I'm fearing man
insecure mind
confuses me
don't trust my mind
I'm abusing me
losing me
this ain't new to me
this 911 is eluding me
I see you zombie
you ain't fooling me
I see you zombie
you ain't fooling me

woke up in the morning
everybody was a zombie
the more I meditate
the more my friends say they don't know me
I tried to be like you
but I found it was just too boring
I like my vision better man
it's so much more absorbing


project 100

I have become the subject of another experiment. This one is called, "project 100".

The purpose of this experiment is to observe what happens to a human who attempts to rap over 100 beats with no prior training.

Here are the rules:
  1. Every Friday I will release 1-4 tracks with some type vocal performance on it.
  2. Each track must include at least 1 verse (ideally 2 verses and a hook)
  3. Only tracks created during the week of release are valid. Tracks cannot be saved for future releases.
  1. It currently takes me 1 week to write and record vocals for a song. This worries me because at that rate this project will take me two years.
  2. Rapping over 100 beats when you suck at it and sharing that process in public is embarassing and frustrating to me. But the desire to learn from these experiments has surpassed the pain from most of my fears and holding on to my existing identity.