02 "executive producer"

track 02 for project 100

yeah yeah
maybe this better

my vision's coming back
how long have I been in this diner?
bagels and shit
place is run by an old timer
I'm on the edge, avoided jail
almost a designer
barely a writer
got a film script that's fire
I settled up and started walking to the door
20% tip, I'm such a liar, ya know?
walking these streets is a new kind of blow
highs and lows, like writing movies when you broke
rap is like a movie but the scenes bounce off the drums
and this character is desperate
so let's see who he becomes
I check my phone again
got a few messages from my friends
asking where you at?
and when will you be home again?
these days all I think about is the projects I wanna do
my only way out and how I justify living too
no house in silver lake or anywhere in Los Angeles
just need money for a movie
will you be my evangelist?
guess it's all really happening
opening scene, we see a man struggle with balancing
your visions can be delusions
can you see it unraveling?
think this character in question is about to start gambling
I took a left instead
now I'm in this convenience store
pulled my hoodie went to the back
survey the score
no g19 in my pocket is this really all called for?
rush the cashier tell him to open the fucking cash drawer
I said
I'm feeling experimental and life has been kind of mental
be careful, move slow
or something might happen to your temple
this old cashier, bagged all the cash in fear
I said I'll never reappear
you're the exec producer
I'll pay you back in a year

I'll pay you back in a year..