03 "how ya been"

track 03 for project 100

Miami 1983, that's the aesthetic
I've been thinking about you every night, trying to be poetic
you were cool, I was pathetic, I thought it was synergetic
it was in my fantasies, in a future I invented
guess you know where this is heading
so this is the setting
neon lights are low I guess I'm directing
I saw your name in my contact list
and it got me reflecting
I wonder if you're numbers the same
maybe just a bit of texting
this summer's been crazy but
maybe I'm projecting
the issue with us was
just always timing
what were you gonna say, yeah
it just said you were typing
ok, ok, yeah
have you thought me when you're crying?
think about you all the time especially when I'm writing
how ya been? what do ya like? do you like all of the rhyming?
I know it still bites, but you know I'm really trying
bought a house in silver lake, nah nah man I'm playing
things are good but not perfect is I guess what I'm saying
when I'm all alone I'm thinking about concepts and spaceships
my body's on earth but my mind's in outerspace
messaged you to see if you can make me care about this planet
maybe we can vanish, a new planet to inhabit
seems like you're still busy caught up with your own shit
so I eject on iMessage and hit the switch that exits